From this page you can access all the ringing resources held on this site. Some of these resources are just touch collections, others are pages describing and providing instructions on how to use the ERIL composition proving/searching program.

For instructions on how to write composition search grammars for ERIL, click here.

To download a copy of the ERIL program for Microsoft Windows, click here.

For touches of Grandsire Triples, and other group A triples methods, click here.

For touches of Oxford Bob Triples, and other group B triples methods, click here.

For touches of St Clements triples, and Double Oxford triples, click here.

For touches of Stedman Triples, click here.

For short touches of Spliced Surprise Major, taken from the standard eight methods, click here.

For some of my favourite (i.e. simple but musical!) quarter peal compositions, please click here. Note that this page is a work in progress. I have a lot of old quarter peal compositions to upload someday!