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Latest build for DEK Printing. Fixes issue with auto layout connectors where a branch or merge appears just before the end of an alternative path. Build date: 23/10/14. Password protected.


The ERIL backtracking composition search application. Instructions on how to use this are available separately.

 Exercise guidelines.txt

Docker course exercise instructions for ESAC


HDML build with dynamic setting of video adapters. If projectors are capable of 1024x768 or 800x600 this code automatically sets that video mode on ML startup, and clears back on shutdown.


Demo PC annotation tool for marking up the demo PC using magnalearn annotation tools while teaching courses. You will need a password to decrypt this ZIP file. Contact PD or IR for this. 6th May 2015 version.


Latest build of ML for Dave O'Neal, dated 5th June 2015. Fixes Demo PC button greying and annotation font selection updates. Encrypted.


Uploaded for developers at Derivco, Ipswich. Contains the source and automation tests for a nested finite state machine architecture, that implements most of the UML/Harel statechart constructs in the runtime. Includes: nested parallel state machines; named and default entry and exit points to parent states; lambda transitions; implementations of the 'done' state.


The LR(1)/GLR parser and state machine generator toolkit described elsewhere on this site.


Pubs build of PushNotes for editing preferences without using course preferences website.


Additional materials on agile testing, as used for Aveva training in Sep 2013


This file contains instructions for TfL attendees who attended the TfL Test Automation training course in November 2017. It explains how to download the course exercises and their specimen solutions.


Sample application demonstrating the use of TFS API to drive Team Foundation Server work item tracing and management.


This is the publicly available free edition of the Use Case Editor. It is built to install and run on modern editions of Windows. Incorporates support for concurrent paths as well as alternative paths through Use Cases. Built 15 Sep 2014.


Full build of Use Case Editor for Learning Tree Intl. IS Dept. in Reston VA. Includes glossary fixes for alternative/primary path views. Version 1.0.1409.15. This file is encrypted.


Visual Studio folder cleanup tool. Cleans unnecessary files from Visual Studio's build folders. Contains options to include/exclude the TFS or git repository folders. Also will ZIP up the remaining source files into a single ZIP if required.


Releasable upload for David O

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