Ropley Information Technology Ltd. is an independent software consultancy firm that specializes in agile process mentoring, requirements modeling, analysis, design, and software architecture/development for Microsoft applications. The company has recent extensive commercial experience in modern .NET application development, and in practical Scrum agile conversion, troubleshooting and mentoring. The company also provides course authorship and technical training services in these subject areas, principally through Learning Tree International. For details about the company's recent contracting and consulting activities, follow this link.



The Use Case Editor is a tool used by business analysts and requirements engineers for capturing and organising functional and non-functional requirements. Specifically it captures and formally documents use cases using an automated document template, captures logical data models,  and automatically generates activity diagrams from use case primary and alternative path specifications. The tool is available for download by selecting the file UCEditorInstaller.msi from the download page. Documentation giving instructions on  its installation and use can be found here.

The GLR parsing suite PARSELR is a tool that generates and provides the runtime for generalised LR grammar parsers, as well as generating state machines from formal state machine descriptions. Similar in purpose to Bison or Yacc, this tool also incorporates the state-splitting algorithms used to extend it into a GLR parser. The tool takes an input grammar, and converts it into a C# source code parsing engine that is then incorporated into an application that needs a parser.

The parser can act as a compile-time tool generating fixed source code for a parser for a specific grammar. Alternatively it can operate dynamically, allowing the grammar rules to be specified or changed dynamically at run-time, with a new state machine parser being generated and launched as and when the grammar changes.

Note that the parser also incorporates the ability to call condition-testing functions at each shift or reduction. It is this that enables it to also implement complex finite state machines driven by grammar rules.

For more information on the parser suite and instructions on how to use it, see this link.

Other legacy resources

Assorted sample programs for the .NET Framework can be obtained by downloading the file

The demonstration software for the now retired Learning Tree International course 323 on Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML may be found by downloading the file

The course exercises and specimen solutions for  retired Learning Tree course 302 on Win32 Systems and Network Programming may be obtained by downloading the file

Some course exercises and specimen solutions for an example enterprise Web site using ASP.NET may be obtained by downloading the zip file

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